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YJY Wood Grain Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser USB Humidifier, Decorative 100mL Vase Cool Mist Magic LED Night Light, Ultrasonic Auto Shut-off Air Purifier(Black)

  • Brand: YJY
  • Product Code: Vase diffuser_black wood
  • Reward Points: 25
  • Availability: In Stock
  • >>1. Magic Steam Design - If you are bored with normal steam-jet-out diffuser, try this new design machine, the steam come out much different, gush like underground geyser, magic as pictures show. New wood grain type, natural feeling and nice home office decor.(No adapter included, please try it on your computer USB ports, it will work better there.)
  • >>2. NOTICE of OPERATION - To produce geyser steam, the machine require higher wattage, so your power source supply must be strong enough, output at least 2A and stable electricity. Unfortunately, most of adapter(Not included) can not provide stable 2A output then make the diffuser not work, so we highly recommend you to use this diffuser on computer USB ports, there is strong enough electricity there and the diffuser will work better.
  • >>3. Why Diffuser Stop Work - Based on the survey result of previous version diffuser(non-wood grain), diffuser will stop work in situations: A. adapter is not stable and output less than 2A(try again on computer USB ports) B. diffuser will auto shut-off after 4 hours using(restart it) C. too much or less water(keep waterline between "HL" and "LL") D. cover is not locked well(press the cover to end then twist to lock after add water).
  • >>4. Lifeful and Sweet Surrounding - The essential oil diffuser humidifier could improve air quality of your home and office, non-heat ultrasonic technology can produce super weeny water drop and oxygen anion, weeny water drop can take away dust and bacteria, essential oil and anion will make air fresh and sweet, healthy and high-quality life, better sleep.
  • >>5. Wonderful Diffuser - 100mL water-tank can support max 6 hours(4 hours auto shut-off), USB power source and one-button control, magic LED night light and could be off, beautiful shape design for decor, silent machine will not disturb you. Super service from USA brand "YJY", even if your order is Non-Prime and shipped from oversea warehouse by USPS, USA buyer could also receive it in 7-14 days.

  • Different from other normal spray steam diffuser, the steam will gush out like underground springs, magic as picture show, beautiful vase shape novelty design. 
    Search more product feature from above(under product price).

    Tank capacity: 100mL. 
    Size: 203*98*98mm(8*3.8*3.8 inch), 200g. 
    Material: food grade PP. 
    Power source: USB(None adapter included, highly recommend you to use computer USB ports for power supply). 
    Control: one button(The LED light can be off). 
    Work time: max 6 hours(4 hours auto shut off). 
    Quality certificate: CE, ROHS, PSE, KC. 
    LED light: soft yellow. 
    Color: pls allow little color difference. 
    Package included: 1X machine, 1X USB cable. 

    (NOTICE) If you find your diffuser do not work, or suddenly stop work, or the steam do not come out, please follow below steps, it is always effective. 
    1. The diffuser will auto shut off after 4 hours using, so please just restart, press button switch 2 times will off LED light but diffuser still on. 
    2. Waterline must be between scale "HL" and "LL", too much or too less water will stop, so check water. 
    3. Adapter is not stable or output is not 2A enough, try the diffuser on your computer USB ports or powerful power bank. 
    4. Should lock the cover well, press the cover to the end then twist to lock. 
    5. If you find diffuser is working but steam will not come out, open the cover then close it, we highly recommend you to try again on compueter USB ports. 
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